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Pitt Ohio
Description/Job Summary
ECM Transport, an asset-based truckload carrier that''s been providing service for over 25 years is seeking professional, experienced Class A OTR Drivers. We offer competitive wages, excellent benefits, 401K, paid vacations/holidays, pleasant work environment, and much more!
_ Qualifications: _
o A preferred age of 25 years of age for OTR drivers.
o All Road Drivers must have 2 years of verifiable over-the-road driving experience (approximate 100,000 miles) or 12 months verifiable over-the-road driving experience and possess a diploma from an accredited driver training school that ECM approves.
o All Drivers must pass an ECM driving test administered by an approved ECM Trainer or ECM Personnel.
o All Drivers must have Haz-Mat endorsement on their current valid driver''s license issued by the resident state in which they reside. All drivers to possess only one valid driver''s license issued by the resident state of the driver.
o Operators who have recently transferred from another state must produce a copy of the former license or provide License information for verification from that state.
o Drivers will need to provide information on all previous held licenses within the past 36-month period.
o No record of a driving license suspension or revocation for more than 30 days, covering the 36-month period prior to the order date of a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).
o A suspension for failure to pay and or failure to appear will be considered provided that there was no conviction for driving while suspended during this time period.
o No record of citation or conviction for the violations listed below during the 60-month period prior to the order date of a Motor Vehicle Record.
1. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
2. Violation of an "open container" or similar statute.
3. Refusal to take a test provided for by an implied consent law.
4. Reckless homicide or involuntary manslaughter.
5. Operating while under suspension or revocation (Except as Listed Above).
6. Leaving the scene of an accident or "hit and run".
7. Speed exhibitions, contests, or drag racing.
8. Conviction for excessive speeding
9. Use of a motor vehicle in the commission of a felony.
10. Assault with a motor vehicle.
11. Reckless driving, careless endangerment, or road rage.
12. Operating a motor vehicle without permission of the owner.
13. Fleeing or eluding a police officer.
o No past pattern or record of citations or convictions for more than four (4) motor vehicle violations, (excluding those listed above in items 1 through 13), during the 36-month period prior to the order date of the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) or more than two (2) citations or convictions in the past 12-month period.
o No past pattern or record of involvement in more than two at-fault traffic accidents while operating a motor vehicle during the 36-month period prior to the order date of the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).
o No past pattern or record of involvement in more than two at-fault traffic accidents and no more than two motor vehicle violation during the 36-month period prior to the order date of the MVR.
o No past pattern or record of involvement in more than one at-fault traffic accident and no more than three motor vehicle violations during the 36-month period prior to the order date of the MVR.
o Must pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination.
o Must consent to a pre-employment drug screen. ECM must receive a negative result. ECM must receive a negative controlled substance and alcohol result from prior employer(s) for past Three-year period.
o No prior evidence of controlled substance use. There must be no instance of refusal to submit to an Alcohol or Controlled Substance test within the past 3-year period including a pre-employment test.
o Applications must be completed in entirely.
o Must consent to a ten-year check on work history.
o Any gap of 30 days or more must be indicated and explained, you may be asked to provide documentation.
o Discrepancies may prevent your application from being processed and job offer withdrawn.
o Must demonstrate stable work history, good work ethic, dependability, and a positive, supportive and cooperative attitude.
o Must have the ability to read and write the English language and also perform simple mathematical calculations.
o You will be an at-will employee throughout your employment with ECM. Nothing in these guidelines, your application or in the employee handbook guarantees employment for any period of time or is intended to be a contract of employment.
_ Job Description: _
o Drives a commercial or non-commercial vehicle from point to point safely while picking up and delivering general freight.
o Hook and unhook trailers from the tractor itself and crank lever to raise and lower landing gear on the semi-trailer.
o Load and unload trailer, either individually or with assistance of dockworkers. Mechanical freight handling equipment may be used where available and appropriate.
o Perform frequent lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying of freight.
o Securing of freight may be required through strapping or other methods.
o Inspect the vehicle for defects and safe operating conditions before, during and after trips, and submit a written report on the condition of the vehicle at the end of each trip or tour of duty. As required by law and company policy. Make sure vehicle is safe to operate and has ample quantities of fuel, oil and fluids.
o Check shipping papers to determine the nature of the load and to check for the presence of hazardous materials.
o When hazardous materials are present:
1. Check for proper preparation of shipping papers.
2. Check for agreement between information on shipping papers and markings and labeling on freight.
3. Make sure that vehicle is properly placarded.
4. Make sure that the freight is secured.
o Drive tractor/trailer in day and night time operations to destination in accordance with federal regulations, normally in periods of driving within hours of service limitations, followed by an off-duty period as required by regulatory requirements.
o Must obtain the proper rest and report for work on time and be prepared for duty.
o Apply knowledge of commercial driving skills in maneuvering vehicle-varying speeds in difficult situations, such as heavy traffic, inclement weather, and tight loading dock areas.
o Ensure that all required shipping documents (manifest, security seal, bills of lading, shipping order or freight bills, etc.) are available for inspection and that appropriate paperwork accompanies shipment with delivered.
o Maintain records required for compliance with state and federal regulations, including driver''s logs, records of fuel purchases, mileage records, and other records required by law.
o Makes pick up or delivery of freight, obtaining signed receipts, collecting and signing for freight as instructed.
o Maintains inspection and securement of cargo. This includes physical loading and unloading as required.
o Perform all duties in accordance with company policies and procedures, and comply with all federal, state and local regulations for the safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle.
o Report all accidents immediately involving driver and/or company equipment. Regardless of extent of damage.
o Report highway safety hazards noted en route.
o Promptly report any delays due to breakdowns, weather, traffic conditions, or other emergencies, or in the event of irregularities relating to the pickup or delivery of cargo.
ECM values diversity. Women and Minorities are encouraged to join our team. EOE M/F/V/D

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